We are here to make ordering your perfect metal building as easy as possible. Buy today and pay over time so that you get what you need FAST! Once you have a total price on your perfect building, easily apply for financing through one of two options below.


Our Rent-to-own program is EASY! No credit check necessary. That means EVERYONE QUALIFIES Terms are either 36 or 48 months depending on the cost of your metal building. Cost of purchase must be between $1,200 to $12,000. In order to rent-to-own, we require a security deposit, origination fee and 1st months rent.


Approval is dependent on your credit score, APR will be 13.99% and the life of the loan is 84 months with no penalties for early payment. Loans are available for $1,200.00 to $55,000 with or without down payment.



  • Before applying be sure you know exactly what metal buildings you want to purchase. We reccomend using our 3D-Configurator. The cost of your order will determine what company you can apply to. Partial loans are available just in case you only want to finance a portion of your purchase.

  • Typically, all our financing companies do require a 650-credit score or higher. Credit history for the past year and debt to income ratio will be a factor upon acceptance.

  • To prevent delays please make sure to have the most accurate and reliable information on the application. Proof of homeownership and proof of income will be required to get any steel structure financed.

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