In the face of nature’s elements, especially wind, the structural integrity of a carport or any steel building is paramount. Our manufacturers recognize this and offer a dedicated 90 MPH Wind Warranty to safeguard your investment. This warranty is an affirmation of confidence in the durability and quality of their 14-Gauge and 12-Gauge buildings. However, to be eligible for this warranty, customers must ensure that their building is properly anchored with the appropriate anchor package.

The anchor types available for these installations include Mobile Home Anchors for ground installations, Asphalt Anchors for installations on asphalt, Concrete Anchors for installations on concrete, and Titen HD Screws required for installations on concrete where specific plans dictate. Each of these anchors plays a critical role in securing the building and therefore contributing to the eligibility for the wind warranty.

Let’s delve deeper into the conditions and specifics of this wind warranty:

Exclusions: It’s essential to note that the wind warranty does not cover any damage to the panels of the structure. Additionally, in the event of extreme natural disasters, like tornadoes, that result in the destruction of the unit, Manufacturers will not replace unit as they are not designed to withstand such catastrophic damage.

The provided anchoring options each serve different installation environments and purposes:

  • Mobile Home Anchor: Designed for ground installations, this anchor type is a testament to the company’s versatility in providing solutions for various terrains.

  • Asphalt Anchor: Tailored for asphalt installations, this anchor ensures that structures can be securely fastened to a commonly used surface type.

  • Concrete Anchors: For installations on concrete, these anchors are designed to offer the utmost stability, which is crucial for the foundation of any structure.

  • Titen HD Screw: This specific screw is a requirement for concrete installations that must adhere to particular plans, further illustrating the company’s attention to detail and the need for a tailored approach to each customer’s requirements.

The approach to anchoring is detailed and careful, acknowledging that the correct anchor for the right surface can make all the difference in the resilience of a structure. The emphasis on proper anchoring, alongside the warranty offer, demonstrates a clear commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

By providing a robust wind warranty and a selection of anchors for different needs. Oregon Carports stands behind its products while also recognizing the power of nature and the necessity for preparation. This warranty is more than just a feature; it’s a promise of durability and stability that’s built to last.


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26′ and 31′ Long

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18′ – 30′ Wide

24′ – 30′ Wide

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